Release Note

Insight Developer for Oracle - Change Log

Version 3.11 for OS X
    Sync with Linux and Window versions
Version 3.11
    New feature:
  • Add in Tab View on Schema brawse,allow search of objects
  • Support for 64Bits
  • Enhance:
  • Add close tab on File Menu
  • Allow open file without connection
  • Bug Fix:
  • SQL Editor for linux, blank rows
  • SQL Editor for Linux/Mac, After insert and instantly update row error
Version 2.40
  • SQL Editor - support cursor
  • Popup Menu on tab.
  • Bug Fix:
  • SQL Editor - With cause select not display result
  • SLogin window delete history
  • Server output, can't more than 255 character
Version 2.35
    New Features:
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Enhance:
  • Logon screen,combobox database name size too large
  • Tune populate "All schema" sql
  • Bug Fix:
  • After reconnect can't compile the objects
  • SQL Editor - On Mac, after edit the cell use Enter key to navigate to next row, didn’t trigger update statement.
    - After edit, lost focus for date data type
Version 2.21
  • Login screen: double click to login
  • Check idle session after certain time, when reissue the sql command.
  • Options for setup TNS_ADMIN, effective only before make an connection
  • Mac Only, implement Command + Arrow function key on editor
  • Bug Fix:
  • Popup menu "Copy Column Name", allow copy multiple selected columns.
  • Timestamp with timezone
  • Using same key, KeyBindings crash on MacOs and replace on window
  • Store procedure Editor - If the store procedure have name with quota, eg: create function "F_GETEMPLOYEE", and compile with not an owner. Will create a new object with name OWNER.F_GETEMPLOYEE
  • Sometime when '.' ( dot ) is pressed the application automatically append fields
  • Mac Only, Paste error for application that copy with RTF format. E.g : Eclipse
Version 2.20 build 24
    New Features:
  • Add text importer
  • User customize autocomplete
    At menu View->Options , Code Editor->Define Autocomplete and Keys

    Result: Shortcut for editing
  • Enhance:
  • Add date control on SQL Editor
  • SQL/PLSQL Editor, remember find word
  • Bug Fix:
  • Ctrl-Enter crash on Window/Linux
Version 2.19 build 22
  • Table Editor - Add in data type to drowdown
    i) Timestamp
    ii) Timestamp with time zone
    iii) Timestamp with local time zone
    iv) Interval Year to Month
    v) Interval Day to Second
    vi) binary_float
    vii) binary_double
  • Debugger - Add "Abort Execution" on debug menu
  • SQL Editor - i) CTRL+SPACE show auto complete of owner table and view
    ii) Add image on auto complete list
    iii) Allow schema/owner with dot, show auto complete list
    iv) Popup menu "Copy Column Name", allow ccopy multiple selected columns.
  • Bug Fix:
  • SQL Editor - i) Decimal value truncate for select compute columns. eg: to_number('$99.64', 'L99D99'), AVG()..
    ii) Export CSV file, have extra semicolon at end
    iii) Mac Only, Incorrect selected row on auto complete drop down.
  • Open dialog error on Oracle 9i.
  • Window 7 64bit on Virtual Machine, session toolbar not display correctly
  • Remove ugly color on SQL Editor toolbar for Window 7
Version 2.18 build 21
  • Code Search - Remember search word.
  • Bug Fix:
  • Text Editor - Find didn't display, after close the tab with Find Dialog open.
  • Store procedure Editor - Refresh didn't reset the error message.
  • Code Search (Mac Only )- Missing Text Editor
Version 2.17 build 20
  • Debugger - Add in breakpoint condition

    Breakpoint conditions
    Sometimes you define a breakpoint on a line that is executed very often, even though you are only interested in the program status under certain circumstances. In that case you can define a condition for the breakpoint. Execution will only halt when the condition is met.
    The condition itself should be a boolean expression. When the breakpoint line is reached, execution will only be halted if the condition evaluates to True. You can use any variable that is known at the location of the breakpoint. These are the same variables that you can view or set during interactive debugging. For example ENAME = 'SMITH' is a valid condition if ename is a valid variable at the breakpoint. Support Operator: =, <>, > , <, >=, <=
  • New Tns Editor
  • Add popup menu for Row Count at DataGrid of SQL Editor
  • Bug Fix:
  • Can't open ansi file that contain latin character
  • Incorrect parsing for code explorer
  • Session manager - trace error
  • Abnormal termination for create Index Organization Table with primary key(Linux and Mac)
  • Popup menu to manage watcher and breakpoint didn't show on Debugger panel (Mac Only)
Version 2.16 build 17
    New Features:
  • Collaction Type Editor
  • Java Source Editor
  • Libraries Editor
  • Enhance:
  • Table Editor - Support for External table and Objects table
  • Db Explorer - Add collection type,libraries, queues,java source,java class, java resources and store table
  • Constraints,Trigger and Index Editor - allow direct open base on it table.
  • Fix:
  • Cluster Editor
  • Storage Properties
  • Linux Only: Db Explorer - Popup menu enable/disable not set properly
Version 2.15 build 16
    New Features:
  • Tool for compile invalid objects
  • Materialized View Editor
  • Materialized View Log Editor
  • Directory Editor
  • Enhanced:
  • SQL Editor - Remember binding value and make bind name follow sql bind variable order
  • Bug Fix
  • Database Link - Create Error and drop error
  • Table Editor - Storage properties didn't trigger changed.
  • User Editor - Quotas tab doesn't trigger change SQL
  • Index Editor - Missing unique and bitmap in sql statement
  • Window Only: When make more than one Db connection.Switch between Database Explorer didn't change connection properly
  • Enable "Dba Views", Brawse ALL Schema too slow and some bug when more then one connection which not have "dba" views privileges
Quick bug fix for ver 2.11 build 14
  • If not connect to database,open Debug Menu cause application termination
  • For Mac OSX only- Enable/Disable menu inconsistency which toolbar
Insight Developer version 2.11 Release
    New Features:
  • Allow customize of shortcut key
  • Link/Ship with Oracle error message file. Double click on error message to display Oracle suggected cause/solution.
  • Allow change of fetch size for SQL Editor and Session
    That is only slightly difference for increase/decrease fetch size on LAN.
    The difference only notified on wide area network (WAN).

  • Enhance:
    DB Explorer - allow compile with debug,dependent and dependecy
    - display PL/SQL on message window
    Remember last location of "DB Explorer" and "Debugger window"
  • Fix:
    'Enable Dba Views' some window still use all views (eg: sequence window)
    SQL Editor : Name binding use more than one place cause abnormal termination.
    Find Object : Date display is not consistance and cause incorrect sorting.
Insight Developer version 2.10 Build 12 Release
  • New feature: Save the changes and allow recover for abnormal termination.
  • PL/SQL Debugger
  • SQL Editor - Prefetch too many raw of records cause huge memory usage
    and clear the drive memory after finish retreive. This will improve retrieve time.
  • PL/SQL Profiler - Select Parent Node cause: ORA-01426: numeric overflow
    - Graph draw to left side, when all time is less than 0.01ms
  • Table Editor - After execute invalid sql filter and click filter again will cause abnormal termination.
  • View Editor - Minor bug - comment on columns,
    if the cursor still remain in editor it doesn't apply the changes when press save/generate sql
  • Explain Plan - Spelling mistake "Expalin" and "Brawse sql plan"

  • Linux Only - Drag the sash between Db Explorer and Editor, sometime cause OS hang/Mouse pointer deactivate.
Insight Developer version 2.10 Release
  • Full Unicode support
  • More user friendly PL/SQL Debuger
  • Login now allow direct connect
  • Import performance of data retrieval
Insight Developer version 1.30 Release
  • Enhance View Difference
    - Add build in difference viewer - allow create new connection in dialog
  • Enhance Explain Plan
    - keep explained sql history
    - Utilize of dbms_xplan
    - allow print and save of plan
    - improve performance for display large plan
    - more detail for plan information
    - Create PLAN_TABLE base on ORACLE Version
    - Bug fix - crash click on grid header
  • Trigger Editor
    - Allow find/bookmark/goto line
  • SQL Editor
    - Enhance Open object at cursor
  • Fix bug on Open database Dialog use in "Object" editor or view difference.
  • Fix User Editor - Change password did not activate change mode
  • Fix on Linux Only:
    - SQL Editor - Data Grid printing
    - Sorting date field in "Find object" and "Find Recycle bin"
  • Fix Installation error on Window
    - Code formater error
    - The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.
    Reinstalling the application may fix this problem
Insight Developer version 1.21 Release
  • Add new feature Code Snippet with pre configure Syntax,drag-and-drop convenience
  • Direct launch of SQL*Plus thru menu
Insight Developer v1.20 Build 02 Release
  • Add new feature Storage Admin
  • Bug Fix: - Open file sometime go to wrong tab, may cause application crash
Insight Developer v1.20 Build 01 Release
  • Enhance:
    - Login history allow sorting
    - Toolbar allow show or hide
    - Allow modify debug variable
    - add 4 debug popupmenu at editor
    - add window to allow change of value for debug variable
  • Fix:
    Table Editor - Modify comment didn't toggle to change mode
    - Crash on "Data tab" when access to datatype that didnt support by Insight.
    View Editor - "With options" not handle correctly
    Sequence Editor - Cache= 0, handle it with nocache
    Corde Search - View didn't filter by owner
    Debuger - Fix hang on Oracle 9i,with debug trigger by using trace into.
    SQLEditor - Crash on right click on row.
    Toolbar - Lose the toolbar, add popupmenu add toolbar
  • Fix Linux Only:
    1) On some linux distro, paste tool button is flushing
    2) File history at SQL Editor missing
    3) Open/Save file process not consistant with window.
    4) Enable/Disable for Popup menu on Editor is incorrect.
    5) PL/SQL Profiler, Source tab didn't display
    6) View Difference, incorrect path for saving temporary file
Insight Developer v1.1 Build 0011 Release
  • New feature Integrate with oracle tkprof utility
  • Fix Schema Explorer - refresh cause parent node not display
  • Fix Table Editor/Schema Explorer - if table columns not exist in all_tab_columns the table editor not display correcly and the column not display in column node at schema explorer
Insight Developer v1.1 Build 0010 Release
  • New feature form view/Single records view
  • Table Editor - Allow filter on data
  • Menu -- Add three new menu on Help Menu
  • Fix SQL Editor - "Invalid Date" when date field set to blank/null on grid
  • Fix SQL Editor - Edit the field on grid editor, and navigator to other record by using "navigator button" ,the data change not apply to database.
  • Fix freeze(Lock/unlock) on schema explorer and output window that introduce on build 0009.
Build 0009 Release
  • Fix Code Search error
  • Fix watcher and breakpoint display bug
Insight Developer Linux version released.

Insight Developer 1.1 Build 007 released.
  • Execute Console: Fix Debuger didn't stop for toggle one breakpoint only
  • Change the program link to new webpage
Insight Developer 1.1 Build 006 released.
  • Execute Console: Now can support PL/SQL Cursor and PLSQL Table
  • PL/SQL Editor: Include compile debug and enable to show PLSQL Warning message
  • Sync session datetime format between Insight develper and database
  • Database Exploer: Icon indicate to PLSQL object have debug information
  • Fix: some bug
Insight Developer 1.1 released.
BcSoftNet,pleased to announce the release of Insight Developer Version 1.1
  • Change Product Name
  • New function Job Manager
  • Enable Formating function
  • Fix crash when delete break throught window
  • Fix Debug hang when user finish debuging without end the debuger
  • Fix: minor bug
YeePi SQLExpress 1.0.3 released.
  • New function Session Admin
  • Fix: minor bug
YeePi SQLExpress 1.0.2 released.
  • New function PL/SQL Profiler
  • Change on Login screen
  • Fix: display varchar length error in table screen
  • Fix: allow copy/paste in explain plan screen
  • Fix: only load oracle library on connection