Visual Query Builder

Features and Functionality

Insight Developer, Visual Query Builder provides a way of constructing database queries without typing SQL statements. Visual Query Builder1 lets you select database tables directly from the GUI, and then specify columns to retrieve, joins, sorting options, filtering criteria and other query parameters in a grid format. Along with selecting tables and adding query parameters, the Visual Query Builder will generate a complete SQL statement that can be viewed, copied and executed from the Visual Query Builder panel.

To open the visual query builder
Click the query builder button on the Functions toolbar
Click Tool > Query Builder

Adding Tables and Columns to Query

Visual Query Builder allows you to include tables and columns automatically in the query. Aliases can be created and edited by entering text within the Alias column, and the SQL pane updates instantly to show the entered columns and aliases in script form for review. Frequently used tables can also be added to the shortcuts toolbar.

Creating JOINs with Drag and Drop

JOINs for queries can be created by dragging table columns from one table entity to another in the table diagram pane. The SQL Pane displays the type of JOIN and its details instantly as changes are made.

Adding Filters

Add filters to your query simply by selecting operators from a list (LIKE, =, IN, IS NULL, IS NOT NULL, NOT IN, >, <, <>, >=, <=, BETWEEN).

GROUP BY Examples

Quickly write GROUP BY queries by selecting columns and an aggregate function (AVG, COUNT, COUNT_BIG, MAX, MIN, SUM) from the list.

Save and Print

Save as xml file for later editing in Visual query builder.